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Has anyone made a no fault claim with Albany Assistance? All advice much appreciated ......

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Pineapplechunks Wed 25-Nov-09 10:43:36

Yesterday morning, on the way to school, someone drove into the back of us, we were stationary waiting for the person in front of us to turn right so we're not at fault.

The damage to my car didn't seem to bad, just a few dents and scratches in the back and it still drives fine so after checking everyone was alright and swapping details we carried on to school(we were still on time!).

When I got home I phoned my insurance company(Kwik Fit) to report it. Albany Assistance administer claims for Kwik Fit (and a lot of other major insurance brokers too). It seemed to be being dealt with very efficiently, I was given a garage to go to and get a repairs quote and have been told I will get a hire car when mine goes in for repair-all this claimed back from the other people's insurance because they were at fault.

They said I would need to sign a vehicle repair finance agreement and an associated credit protection policy before they could authorise the repairs to my car.

I've just googled Albany Assistance and the results aren't good. Lots of people saying that they're inept and their claims took months years even and that Albany overcharge for the use of the hire car so the other insurance company refuses to pay (apparently they can if the costs are too high?).

Have any MNers had any experience of Albany Assistance or have any advice about whats best to do as I'm really quite confused?

JolseBaby Fri 25-Mar-16 17:45:34

Wouldn't it be nice if Albany just got it right first time, rather than having to rely on a team to scan social media and then use internet forums to tout their services?

I have my own experience of them which I won't be sharing, as being familiar with the industry already, I know it's largely pointless. The final comment I will make is that 'credit hire' is one of the reasons why the cost of motor insurance claims has shot through the roof. Many people don't realise that the credit hire agreement they are being asked to sign, makes them personally liable for the costs of the car if the other insurer refuses to pay. Anyhoo, rant over...

MNHQ it would be a great idea if we could close some of these old threads off to prevent them from being resurrected like this.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Mar-16 17:42:02

Hi, we've had a mail from Albany/Helphire today and they've asked us to post the following message in response to Saxifragas's post -

Dear Saxifragas,

We would like to confirm that our contact centre scripts are highly regulated and we make it clear from the outset of every call that we are a separate entity working on behalf of a customer's insurance company. If you would like to contact us at with your reference number we will ensure that you are contacted directly regarding your claim.

Saxifragas Fri 18-Mar-16 11:20:54

Dealing with Albany at the moment and was speechless to find out yesterday that the bill for my hire car is already £14,480!!! This if for 6 weeks.

Albany refused to give me a car of a lower grade and said it was policy that they gave 'like for like'. I didn't want the enormous car they gave me and asked for a smaller one (which would have been cheaper) but they refused. 3 weeks ago they tried to take the hire car away (they said costs were getting to a point where they may not be able to recover them from the 3rd parties insurer) and i, again, offered to take a smaller car. Their response was that if they did that the 3rd parties insurance company would want to know why that hadn't happened from the start and wouldn't pay anything.

My car will cost approx £7,400 to replace and I'm trying to negotiate my insurance payout up from £6,100 to closer to what i need to replace it. I could have brought 2 cars with that! I think it's diabolical that i wasn't told that this company was actually nothing to do with my insurance company - i thought they worked for them not as a totally separate entity. Manager supposed to be ringing me today to discuss a way forward - i cant really see one.

YetAnotherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Mar-16 17:43:55

Hi everyone,
We have recently received a number of reports querying the manner in which Albany Assistance is using the thread and as such have asked them to communicate through us from now on. Not that they were doing anything untoward, of course, indeed they had some permission from us back in 2009, but it's clear from reports that you feel this current method is not the way you wish to engage. Thanks.

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Fri 26-Feb-16 09:46:13

Hi SusieT1968,

Could you email your customer reference number or car registration to

Just so we can get someone to contact you to address your concerns mention in your post.


Albany Assistance Online Team

SusieT1968 Fri 26-Feb-16 09:25:21

Hi Monkeysaymoo

Can you provide me more details on your experience.
My car is due to go in for repair next week.

I spoke to Albany assistance yesterday and I am being told as an "optional extra" I can pay them either £40 or £60, and this will waive me being liable in part or full (depending on whether I pay the £40 or £60) for any damage to the car!

As it currently stands if I dont pay this £40 or £60, if the rubber on the tyres gets scuffed, or the alloys get damaged, or there is any damage to the car whosoever, then I will have to pay my excess (£150) or £500 whichever is the lower.

I did not ask to be put in this courtesy car, the accident was NOT MY FAULT!

I would like my own car, but because she has forced me into a courtesy car, I am now either going to be out of pocket or driving round like a nervous wreck worrying that someone is going to cause damage, or a lorry is going to clip a stone and chip the car, or a trolley is going to knock the car in a supermarket car park.

And if that did happen and I was in my car and the damage was minimal then I would not get it repaired. BUT by having the courtesy car I will be charged and out of pocket and the third party's insurance company are not liable for these charges, as they are optional!!!!! What the f*!k!

They had me in tears yesterday as I did not ask to be reversed into, and I do not want a courtesy car.... I want my car. And yet to cover myself I have to pay out!

Toonmad Mon 15-Feb-16 09:44:28

Hi. Im supose to be getting a phone call today. Ive point blank refused to let my car go anywhere untill i know weather the 3rd party has admitted liabilty. 2 weeks to find this info is beyond a joke quite frankly. Really poor service

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Mon 15-Feb-16 09:00:40

Hi Toonmad,

Could you please email with your reference number so that we can contact you directly.

Kind Regards,

Albany Assistance Online Team

Toonmad Sun 14-Feb-16 15:20:09

Im in the middle of a claim with albany, and i have to say im worried by thease comments.

I was involved in a minor accident 2 weeks ago, i was driving through a one way system car park when a driver drove straight across about 6 empty parking lanes and into a space as i was going down the lane she pulled into.

She then for some reason started to reverse and went straight into the passenger side door.

Its taken nearly 2 weeks to get anywhere but i have been told there liability team will be contacting me tomorrow, but this says to me that she hasnt admitted it and its likely to go down as 50/50 witch im not happy with and will more then likely refuse as my car cant travel side ways.

So far im unhappy with albany as 2 weeks to get this far is beyond a joke. 3 times they were ment to phone me back but never have.

jevoudrais Tue 10-Nov-15 09:55:02

No good news... Hence I cancelled an insurance policy and started a new one with an insurance co that don't use Albany as a direct result of coming across this problem with them. Luckily for me, my claim that did go through the first insurer that used them, as other driver admitted fault I let their insurer deal with it and got a nice (cheap!) £20 a day courtesy car from a local Enterprise and everyone was happy. I didn't fancy a £90 a day (worse) car which was the alternative I was offered by Albany, whilst being told to sign papers agreeing to cough up myself if the other insurer said the price was too high.

Its no wonder car insurance is high when company's like Albany make the price of claims shoot up by demanding silly amounts for courtesy cars. They are the reason premiums are so high after even minor prangs. My insurance went up 25% after someone drove into the back of my car, go figure...

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Mon 09-Nov-15 09:13:28

Hi Batwoman2,

Could you please email with your reference number so that we can contact you directly.

Kind Regards,

Albany Assistance Online Team

Batwoman2 Sun 08-Nov-15 12:23:30

Are there any updates on these October incidents?
We are with Admiral and someone went into the back of me (last week)whilst I was stationary and admitted fault. My husband rang and was told no fault claims were dealt with by Albany. We had a very stressful time being I felt coerced/pressured to sign documents we only thought were T&Cs not realising we were being put in a position of ultimately picking up costs. There is a protection form included so I'm not sure what that's about. Since this time I've seen all these awful reviews and am extremely worried. Why do Admiral think we pay them insurance obviously so that we are covered for these events & certainly not to be handed to another party (which they get a fee for) to then be responsible for payment ourselves. Surely this can't be legal. It means we aren't really insured at all and they are taking our payments under false pretences. I feel they are taking a stressful situation and making it far worse. We've been told the repair is thousands and been given a costly hire car, 1 day as much as a week from local firms.I need a car for work. I'm at a loss now. Admiral are ripping us off as ultimately they should remain responsible for payments when they have passed us to Albany, which we thought like most people they were. By the time you realise it's too late.I wonder how legally binding it is to sign something under duress on line?
Does anyone have good news having used Albany?

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Mon 12-Oct-15 09:02:52

Hi dreadingautumn,

Could you please email your case reference number or car registration number to so that we can get someone to look into this and contact you directly.

Kind Regards,


Albany Assistance Online Team

dreadingautumn Sun 11-Oct-15 00:06:01

Havjng a nightmare with Albany at the moment. I had a non fault accident in early July and was referred to them. 3 months later and despite me calling every 2 weeks for an update all they can tell me is that they have left a message for the other party and not had a response. Over 3 months later and I'm still driving a damaged car. I've had a written admission of liability from the other party and yet they won't accept this. I'm getting increasingly upset and considering where to go from here.

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Thu 08-Oct-15 10:12:32

Hi kajcer,

Could you please email your case reference number or car registration number to so that we can get someone to look into this and contact you directly.

Kind Regards,


Albany Assistance Online Team

kajcer Thu 08-Oct-15 10:02:31

A truck weighing about 4 tons used the side of our car to stop. By driver’s own admission the truck did not have good enough brakes.
Reported the incident to our insurance provider Admiral immediately and provided all of the details including that of a witness. The witness validated that it was not our fault.
5 days after the accident we are still without a replacement car and still don’t know what will be done with our damaged car. Does anyone else feel like Admiral was being pushy with having to choose between paying an excess or going with a company of their pairing called Albany? We felt awfully pushed and now realize the information was even misguided. Wonder if Admiral intentionally exploits the volatile / stressful situation we were in to force us to make a wrong decision?
Makes you wonder if Admiral even care about our wellbeing. Has anyone reported their issues to the Financial Ambudsman?
Stay tuned for more as we deal with Albany!!

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Wed 19-Aug-15 09:58:28

Hi ActualAl,

Thank you for your kind words.

Kind Regards,


Albany Assistance Online Team

ActualAl Tue 18-Aug-15 18:25:02


After I responded to a direct message sent to me on this site with my reference number, my DH was telephoned this evening by a very helpful woman from Albany Customer Services.
Outcome is , our case is settled to our mutual satisfaction. We are very pleased!

Thank you Albany Assistance Online Team.

ActualAl Mon 17-Aug-15 14:21:58

Worst thing is, a no fault claim is now going to costs us the same, if not more, than a years insurance premium.

ActualAl Mon 17-Aug-15 13:41:17

Very unsatisfactory response by Albany. They have given us a breakdown of the costs, which is fair enough, we are not disputing how much the costs were, but the fact that we did not do the damage in the first place and don't see why we should have to pay!
Not sure where we'll go next. All seems very black and white, no offer to meet halfway.

ActualAl Wed 12-Aug-15 16:56:19

We have emailed through information to Albany assist and I will update here with any results.

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Wed 12-Aug-15 15:45:12

Hello ActualAl,

We have direct messaged you requesting the case reference number so that we can investigate the matter further.

If you could please respond via direct message with this information.

Kind Regards,


Albany Assistance Online Team

ActualAl Wed 12-Aug-15 15:27:03

Have now been advised by CAB so will draft letter to Albany in the hope of getting some resolution to the problem!
Has anyone else resolved their issue yet?

AlbanyAssistanceSocial Wed 12-Aug-15 13:19:25

Hello Welch1250,

I can assure you that these phone calls are not being made by Albany Assistance. We have no connection with calls being made to consumers under the name Albany Assist (or similar names). We believe these calls are targeting individuals to fraudulently obtain information relating to road traffic accidents and possible injuries sustained by the driver and/or passengers.

Albany Assistance does not make unsolicited out bound calls. If we contact a customer in connection with their case, we will always take appropriate security precautions to verify our own and the customer’s identity at the outset.

We are currently collating as much information as possible in relation to these calls and are passing information to our police liaison officer who is investigating this matter further.

For more information please see our website -

Kind Regards,


Albany Assistance Online Team

welch1520 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:27:59

Just had 3 cold calls from Albany Assist. Wouldn't tell me vehicle registration they were referring to. Very sarcastic caller who just kept fishing for information.

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