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CAMPAIGN : Debt - not in front of the children

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treacletart Mon 20-Jun-05 15:18:17

Just received an email from the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert site about a campaign against loan company adverts on children's tv . I think its a really good idea and thought I should spread the word. You can find out more and sign their petition here

morocco Mon 20-Jun-05 15:25:51

thanks for posting this - I had no idea - the ads they show already are bad enough for pester power.

I used to work for one of these horrible debt companies (only aftersales though) and you wouldn't believe the rates of interest they get away with, or the extra 'optional' insurances most people think are compulsory that increase their level of debt another 50%. tbh I think it would take a lot more than this campaign but it's a start - I'd like to see proper financial training in schools - the people I used to talk to one the phone hadn't got the beginnings of a clue what they had signed up to and were too desperate for the immediate cash to think about it anyhow. The difference between 3% monthly and 3% annual interest rates for a start

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