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Savings for grandchildren living abroad

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Morfar Thu 05-Nov-09 15:17:14

You would think I was trying to break the law!
All I want to do is open bank accounts for my two Swedish grandchildren (daddy is British, mummy is Swedish) they live in Sweden.
Various people give me money for them and Iwant to put away say £10 each per month.
I want the boys to be able to draw cash out (when they are older) should they need it when they visit. Otherwise it will be nice for the money to build up into a little nestegg for when they are older.
Problem is I cannot find a bank ro building society to do this (money laundering). The post office do an account but a mininum of £20 has to be paid in and drawn out - the amount in is ok the amount out is not.
Does anyone know who I could try to open accounts for the boys?

Bucharest Thu 05-Nov-09 15:20:02

We are in Italy, and my Mum opened an account for dd with the Nationwide. No questions asked.

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