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I want to tell them I don't CARE anymore.... (Housing benefit nightmares)

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Flamebat Wed 28-Oct-09 21:37:40

In the summer I had to fill in a form for housing benefits detailing all my self employment earnings/expenses etc.

I cocked up on the form. Where I was meant to put the % that was for household use (or business use, I forget which), I put the opposite, so said I was spending something like £700 for 6 months on gas and electric for the business, whereas the actual % made it about £10.

I realised the error when they said I was earning stupid money as only a certain % is allowed deductable, wrote to them explaining the error.

I heard nothing (they did sort another problem with the claim), but at the time was still v bad with antenatal depression, morning sickness etc and decided that for the sake of a month (before I was planning to fold the business), I couldn't be doing with arguing and we would just have to get by somehow with less payments.

Forward to 9th October. I had written to say that I was no longer self employed, and they wrote to me saying they were stopping all payments until they had x information.

I went down there, very pregnant, gave them all the information about that, and then the woman on the desk started going on about the electric thing, and told me to fill in an appeal form.

So, tired and just wanting to get out of there, I filled in said form (with a copy of my original form so I could even highlight the error), and explained in very clear terms that I had been a moron, what it should be etc.

TODAY they send me another letter, showing me the original calculations again (based on my misfilled form), saying they need copies of the statements, not mentioning my form filling in errors, and that it needs to be back by x date or they will assume I don't want to claim...

So... I am sick of it. I don't care about a month of f*cked up payments, we got through that time.

What I care about now is that they are pissing about sorting out this stuff and I think it is holding up the current claim. By next week we will be onto 2 months we no payments. My mum lent us the money last month, she can't afford it this month. I don't know how I will feed my children without it.

Can I go down and say I don't care about the sodding appeal, just ignore it and sort the current stuff, or will they turn round and say it is in motion now and all needs sorting at once?

I have a 9 day old baby. I have a bleeding nipple. She can't turn her head properly and needs to see a chiropractor or osteopath and I can't pay for one because of all this.

I know there are people much worse off out there, but I am drowning in hormones, milk and it is all just too much.

LissyGlitter Wed 28-Oct-09 21:43:18

can't help, but you have my sympathy. i had problems with benefits and I found the only thing that sorted it was an email to my MP, could you do that?

stressed2007 Sat 31-Oct-09 22:33:26

She can't turn her head properly and needs to see a chiropractor or osteopath and I can't pay for one because of all this.

Can this not be done through GP. You may want to see a cranial osteopath (and a babay specialist one). There is lots of info on these on here for babies with mobility issues when they are born (it is a very common problem).

Flamebat Sun 01-Nov-09 12:07:40

Sorry, I never came back to this. We have now had another letter wanting different information (relating to the recent stuff and NOT the appeal), so it seems they are doing them separately but we still have a bit more of a wait as they need to process the new info (make sense?)

I have managed to gather together the money to cover this month's usual amount, and have found a credit card that I thought I had cleared I actually paid twice so I can use the money in credit on it to cover the chiro.

Hoping we'll be sorted in another few weeks, and the length of time it has taken to sort, whatever they decide to deduct for me selling the business, will be covered in what they haven't been paying us so we don't owe them money. Or they could turn round and say the benefits were stopped during this time so it doesn't count hmm.

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