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may be getting a cheque for around £1000 soon

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misdee Tue 14-Jun-05 22:00:23

could be more tho. what should i do with it? would like to save it, but what sort of account? can someone explain the choices in plain english. ideally an account where i can withdraw it if i give notice.

sparklymieow Tue 14-Jun-05 22:01:04

wow what for Misdee....... and can I have some???

misdee Tue 14-Jun-05 22:02:05

its from that car crash last year. the insurence company of the lorry driver have finally admitted liability.

and no you cant

MarsLady Tue 14-Jun-05 22:02:20

I know the perfect account. If you CAT me I'll send my details forthwith lol

misdee Tue 14-Jun-05 22:03:38


i overheard a bloke in the bank the other day saying that his dd who was 10 had a cheque for 3k! at 10years old, wishi had that cash when i was that young.

sparklymieow Tue 14-Jun-05 22:11:23

FINALLY !!!!!!! FFS he cut the corner and took the side of the car out, sure it wasn't his fault!!!!!!!

misdee Tue 14-Jun-05 22:15:48

exactly. good job we were hardly moving, the situation would be a lot worse than a permantly stiff neck.

Jampots Tue 14-Jun-05 23:42:18

misdee - what injuries did you have and dont accept too little.

Also if a child gets awarded damages it generally stays in trust til they are 18

misdee Wed 15-Jun-05 20:29:15

i suffered whiplash and bad bruising to my neck. it also put me off driving for quite a while, my 2nd lesson after the accident i totally lost it and couldnt carry on. it took 6months before i would even try again.

i couldnt use my old sling for dd3 as it pulled too much on my shoulder and neck so had to buy a new one. i generally have a stiff neck all the time, but dont like to take strong painkillers as am breastfeeding dd3. so only take paracetamol if its really bad.

Tortington Thu 16-Jun-05 18:43:05

to be serious for a min. i think you should come to the golden lion and buy me drinks .....all night.


misdee Thu 16-Jun-05 18:44:39

meet me at the red lion and i may do!!

no come on, what account?

mrsjingles Thu 16-Jun-05 18:48:58

You could always put it in premium bonds. No monthly interest, but the chance of a win, big or small every month, and you can get your money back out anytime you want by sending off a form from the post office.

misdee Thu 16-Jun-05 18:49:47

will i lose money tho?

too much for my child-addled brain to comprehend.

popmum Thu 16-Jun-05 18:56:20

Internet savings accounts usually have the best interest rates, but sometimes - like with nationwide you have to have a current account with them though. Egg have an online account, as to smile and both pay good rates - you wouldn't loose your money at all. At the mo cos savings rates are quite small you'd only get about £50-60 per year in interest though, but you'd still have your £1000

Easy Thu 16-Jun-05 19:04:00

Premium bonds don't lose money, but you are not guaranteed to make anything either. But you could win up to £1 million, they have a prize draw with various prizes every month. You can always get your money out at any time.

Do you pay tax? If so, look around at the building societies, and look for a cash ISA with a higher interest rate (just compare them, pick the highest). Most cash ISA's allow you to withdraw with little or no notice period. ISAs pay interest without deducting tax.

If you don't pay tax, you can go for an ordinary account, such as the ING internet account, which pays a good rate of interest. but bear in mind that tax will be deducted on interest, and you'll have to claim it back from the inland revenue, so an ISA might still be easier.

hana Thu 16-Jun-05 19:11:28

check out - lots of great advice there from martin!!

hana Thu 16-Jun-05 19:12:33


hana Thu 16-Jun-05 19:13:03

bugger kids crying
first link failed!!

Twiglett Thu 16-Jun-05 19:33:02

misdee really doesn't sound enough ..

someone went into the back of me over 15 years ago and I had mild whiplash and got 2.5K (no after-effects from it either)

someone knocked DH off his bike he got 2.75K (I knew enough by now to have rejected first offer)

have you got a solicitor involved (not one of these no win no fee people) .. if you have legal cover on your house insurance it will cover this .. you should've had a medical examination and also detail all the long-term problems

misdee Thu 16-Jun-05 22:03:13

its being dealt with AAH, tbh i'm not too worried about it, anything is a bonus in my eyes. the lorry drivers insurence company will be paying for private physio as well.
have been told that 1k is the lowest, it could be higher, will be seeing medical examiner soon.

Twiglett Fri 17-Jun-05 11:00:30

just wanted to check you weren't being done out of your dues

personally it depends on when you might need the money - I'd put it in a high-interest internet account if you want good access or premium bonds if you want a flutter ... (you get the money back as invested but it will take 2 weeks to get hold of it)

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