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O2 cash manager card - does anyone have one?

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What is good and bad about it?

I am thinking of changing phones and thought the cash manager card looked like a good idea to help manage cashflow.
I used to do this by having two bank accounts and transfering an allowance to myself each month but this seems like a good alternative.

Also is their "free texts for life" really "unlimited texts for £10 a month"?

Mousey84 Fri 16-Oct-09 11:29:02

Why do you think it will be better than the current set up you have?

And yes, its £10 per month for the free texts look here

Are you on pay as you go now? If on contract, you will prob be able to haggle a lower price/better deal with your current provider.

Mousey - only have the one bank acc. now just wondered if anyone had any experience with the cash manager as it might sway me to o2.

At the moment I am on pay as you go but paid by direct debit.

I am waiting till this month's bill to work out usage but will probably go to a contract.

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