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Mortgage benefit - or whatever it's called, I have a query

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norksonmywitchesbroomstick Mon 12-Oct-09 17:32:52

I recieve help with the interest payments on my mortgage as I am on income support.

I rang the benefits office this morning as I received a letter from my mortgage provider, saying that as my fixed term has finished I am now on a lower interest rate.

They have returned my call, saying there will be no change in my benefit, even though I am now paying less in mortgage payments than before.

So in effect my benefit has increased.

Is this right as it seems very odd to me

dizzybella Tue 13-Oct-09 19:36:44

hi- it sounds odd- i don't know the specifics of all benefits but i used to investigate benefit fraud. Cover yourself by taking the full name/date/time /department of whoever told you/tells you that your benefit won't change despite this change in circumstances. Or to doubly cover yourself- send a letter and ask for written confirmation. That way if it ever turns out that there should have been a reduced payment you'l have proof to argue it was a departmental error.

alwayslookingforanswers Tue 13-Oct-09 19:39:59

I think that's correct as they don't afaik use your mortgage interest rate - but rather a "set" one that they decide on (sort of an "average" of mortgage interest rates).

We're currently on the same benefit as you and the interest payments that we were getting were less than the interest on the mortgage (ridicously high interest rate as opposed to humongous mortgage).

We're about to have the same thing happen I think - our mortgage payments have decreased, afaik the benefit will stay the same.

norksonmywitchesbroomstick Tue 13-Oct-09 19:44:15

Thanks will definately put it in writing though

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