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Please do this sum for me someone!!!

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milkmonster Fri 09-Oct-09 22:58:42

This will take some time unless you're a maths whizz, but it keeps me awake worrying at night for months so I've decided to ask for help from someone online who might kindly take that time for me. I would be unbelievably grateful to finally have this figure out once and for all...

I moved into rented housing on 18th July this year.
The rent is £560 monthly.
Housing Benefit is paid 4 weekly, so is calculated annually but paid 4 weekly.
That means I have £126.92 paid into my bank every 4 weeks, leaving me a 'shortfall' of £52.32 each time my rent's due, which is made up from my own income. But that balances out annually, so I do actually receive £560 a month over a year.

I paid £280 as two weeks rent in advance because I moved in mid-month. (As well as £870 depositsad ), but that's irrelevant.

Due to a Housing Benefit (HB) claim delay, I then had to find another £560 of my own money to pay another month's Rent during the claim processing interim, which I paid by online bank transfer direct to the letting agency on 10th september.

On 11th september, Housing Benefit finally processed my claim and posted a cheque for £1051.62 direct to the landlord which it said covered the period 18th July-14th sep.

I then received a payment of £126.92 direct into my bank account.

What I need to calculate is, because I paid the £560 out of my own money plus the 2 weeks in advance when I first moved in, should I claim that back from the letting agency because the HB has backdated my claim to my move-in date, so the letting agency's effectively been paid twice, haven't they?

The agency's now asking for another £68.38 to bring my rent up to date to the end of October.

So on 1st November, a payment of £560 will have to be made to the lettings agency.

Can anyone calculate how much has actually been paid to the agency, whether they've been overpaid or underpaid, and whether I can claim back the cash I paid in the interim?

Paying in advance then having a backdated HB claim paid to an agency confused me once before , surely it means the landlord's then had two lots of 'rent in advance'?

pregnantpeppa Fri 09-Oct-09 23:07:24

Rent £560p/m = £6720 p/annum
Am confused about what you say you receive in housing benefit - you say you only get one payment of £126.92 every four weeks? Do you not get that weekly?
Is your housing benefit meant to exactly equal your rent?
Because if you get £126.92 every week that only equals £6599.84 p/year (or equivalent of 549.99 p/m so you're still £10 short a month)

What date did you move in?

pregnantpeppa Fri 09-Oct-09 23:09:47

Sorry, you said your moving in date. Let me try and work this out...

The agent has had £1906
£820 by you
£1051 by HB

If you take the total £1906 this would be your rent paid until 29 October.

So the next full months rent payment is due 1 November.

The £68.38 covers the three days rent for the period of 29 Oct to 1 November, based on your daily rent of £18.41.

So in short, the landlord is not trying to get more from you than you are due to pay.

Does that make sense?

Booooooooooyhoo Fri 09-Oct-09 23:15:39

so you paid 280 for the last two weeks in july?

and then 560 i presume was for august?

i would guess that the letting agency are using the 560 you paid as payment for october and the 68.38 is the shortfall that you would have to pay as normal.

im sorry im not a maths whizz but i didnt want to leave this unanswered.

Booooooooooyhoo Fri 09-Oct-09 23:17:37

glad someone cleverer got there before me.

alwayslookingforanswers Fri 09-Oct-09 23:18:55

my maths works out the same as Steaks

pregnantpeppa Fri 09-Oct-09 23:19:43

You moved in 18 July 09.
Paid £260 rent = half a month's rent - should have covered slightly more than a 2 weeks but lets say to cover period up to 1 Aug for simplicity.
Should I assume your rent of £560 p/m was due 1 month in advance on 1 Aug to cover the period 1 Aug to 31 Aug inclusive?

You then paid the £560 for August rent on September 10th. You still need to pay the Sept rent and at that point are behind.

£1051.62 paid by HB for 18 Jul to 14 Sep.
Rent due over period 18 July to 14 September = about £1120 (2 months worth, agency actually owed slightly less than this as not a full month, but lets make it simple as I suspect you agreed to pay a full 1/2 month rent for 18 Jul to 31 Jul incl)
You have to top up Hb with £68.38 every month to pay agency in full.
But agency already been paid £560+260 from you for same period, so they owe you that, and you owe them £68.38, so in total they owe you £751.62 up til 14 Sept.

Now, I need to know what payments you have made to the letting agency since 14 Sept please!

ah the joys of excel spreadsheets. [spreadsheet geek]

pregnantpeppa Fri 09-Oct-09 23:22:21

Everyone else has said it more simply, while I've been labouring along! But just need to check if OP has paid anything since the HB claim went direct to landlord, as if she has then she might have overpaid - I was thinking she had been paying her weekly amount of HB straight to the landlord since she started getting the regular payments but OP if you have paid nothing since then you & landlord are indeed all square and you need to pay them £68.38.

milkmonster Fri 09-Oct-09 23:32:16

wow thanks so much for replying everyone!!!

pregnantpeppa- I havent paid any rent to the agency since 14th September and neither has Housing Benefit.

However, I've had a payment of £126.92 sitting in my bank from Housing Benefit since 24th September.

Milkmonster - glad to help.

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