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milkmonster Thu 08-Oct-09 22:39:56

I unwisely invested my 2.5 year old's Child Trsut Fund (CTF)voucher in shares, on her father's insistence, just before markets crashed.

I know nothing about shares and finance, so does this mean she now has NO CTF fund left at all when she reaches age 18?

Also, I'd like to avoid such risk this time round with my 3 month old so would prefer a bog standard savings account investment or even premium bonds. But do you think this will cause resentment when the siblings are older, as one will have zero in her account and the other something in the account?

Should I just open a standard savings a/c for my daughter and keep topping it up to keep up with her brother's CTF savings account funds?


MavisEnderby Thu 08-Oct-09 22:47:52

I had ctf with hsbc.They crashed when market went awol last year.Haven't checked recently,but stock market is gradually recovering and it IS a long term investment.

ChilloHippi Thu 08-Oct-09 22:57:34

I put DS's trust fund money into just a savings one rather than a shares one just in case.

TeamEdwardTango Thu 08-Oct-09 22:59:14

I think that buying shares now would be a good idea. There is 18 years for the markets to pick up.

mitfordsisters Fri 09-Oct-09 15:03:56

I invested the CTF in shares, and it lost 25% of it's value within 2 months. A bit like my faith in current government - evaporating...

SomeGuy Sat 10-Oct-09 13:26:58

£500 isn't very much. Are you topping it up?

The stockmarket has risen 50% since the bottom, and if you'd been making regular payments you'd likely be in profit. Even so, you are very unlikely to have nothing left at all.

SomeGuy Sat 10-Oct-09 13:27:17

er, £250 even

mamadiva Sat 10-Oct-09 13:40:16

I put DS' in a Nationwide savings account because I know piss all about shares so thought well I would'nt put my own money in so why risk my sons?! I do realise this may not be the best option but still.

I put £3 a month into his CTF and £2 a month his normal savings account but it all adds up (and we are skint)

Anyway back to subject... neither of your children will have £0 in their account by the time they are 18, markets go up and down all the time in the long term she will prob have more than savings account.

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