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pension & divorce

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xue Thu 09-Jun-05 13:21:50

I don't know who to approach on this.
I need to find out if I can go back to court to change my divorce settlement on the pension arrangement.
Back in 2001 my then divorce laywer gave me BAD advise and said not to claim or fight for my pension .I fought for some claim to his pension during the divorce proceedings but the court ordered that I will have half the pension if he dies in service.
My ex is now retired & so the court order is no longer active. I lost my job (I don't have pension) back in 2002 (just after my divorce) and since than have not been able to return to full-time work. My kids (both aged 15)live with their dad. I don't have any income at the moment & am living on some of my savings.
I wondered if I can go back to court and seek an order to claim half of the pension.
My ex suffers from MS and is now in wheel chair and his condition is pretty bad. We don't communicate at all.

I am concerned that I will not be able to support my kids without any income as I'm unable to find full-time work having been out of the UK job market for 3+ years.

Where do I stand? What options are available to me? I don't have money to seek legal help.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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