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What ID do I need to withdraw £750??

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flamesparrow Thu 09-Jun-05 11:50:07

I never actually withdraw money from the bank... its always cash machines.

I need to take out £750 today, but I don't know what ID I need to take with me to do it (I'm hoping they don't just hand it over with a bank card and a quick scribble from me???)

I'm with Barclays.. dunno if that makes a difference.

zebraZ Thu 09-Jun-05 11:51:17

Why not phone them?
I'd bring a passport or driving licence & bank statement. They probably won't even ask for those, though.

misdee Thu 09-Jun-05 11:51:33

photo driving liscence,/passport, and possibly something with your address on it. sometimes they ask. other times they dont.

lilaclotus Thu 09-Jun-05 11:52:40

maybe a recent bill with your address on would be good too...

flamesparrow Thu 09-Jun-05 11:54:57

Here lies more problems I hadn't thought of... passport has old surname still

If I phone then I'll be put through to a "help" line .

I might call in, find out, and then just go home and get the right stuff...

fairydust Thu 09-Jun-05 12:02:13

i've drawn more than that out of barclays and never been asked for I.D

expatinscotland Thu 09-Jun-05 12:03:25

I've always been okay w/a passport and a bill to my home address. My driving license is usually in my purse if they need to see that as well, and my bankcard.

misdee Thu 09-Jun-05 12:04:06

take marriage cert as well then. thats what i do as passport still not changed.

zebraZ Thu 09-Jun-05 12:05:02

oh god, don't go in with passport with an old surname on it. The grief Nationwide gave me for doing that. They practically accused me of identity theft!!

zebraZ Thu 09-Jun-05 12:05:23

(and yes, I had my marriage certificate with me, still not good enough)

nutcracker Thu 09-Jun-05 12:06:03

I withdrew £1000 from barclays and didn't need id, just gave them my card.

flamesparrow Thu 09-Jun-05 12:06:25


flamesparrow Thu 09-Jun-05 16:07:27

Was all ok - you need 2 forms of ID (one of which can be your debit card) for over £300... but because the nice lady put a note on the system when I changed my name last week, they let me use my old surname driving licence.

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