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trying to help, breast cancer.

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weneedhelp Thu 01-Oct-09 06:07:57

im not a mother, but i got one, for now anyways. my mom has breast cancer, i can't say its going well to tell the truth, but everyone in my family is optimistic. As you can imagine; with her not really working, tests, medicine, and every other expense, money is low. I really hate to beg, but It will be worth it if it helps. so if you could by any stretch help, it would be appreciated.

you can contribute by going to

Jumente Thu 01-Oct-09 06:26:44

Sorry to hear about your mother.

Do you have to fund everything personally? I thought there was some kind of insurance/healthcare system over there. sad

weneedhelp Thu 01-Oct-09 15:15:08

not everything, but debt is closing in around us and the cancer is metastasized into her bones and now into her liver so were having to go further and further off the beaten trail to find something that will help keep her here for a bit longer and that's expensive.

Jumente Thu 01-Oct-09 18:37:35

You poor thing.


I wish I could help.

whostolemyname Thu 01-Oct-09 21:30:36

i cant make your link work?

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