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Child Trust Fund recommendations, preferably ethical

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EightiesChick Tue 29-Sep-09 21:24:46

Still haven't invested the flipping voucher we got after DS was born blush Really need to get on and do it but I am torn between wanting to research the best one and being aware that I will then procrastinate even more. I'd like one that's easy to manage (online?), that other people can pay into easily, and preferably that has an ethical investment policy. Don't much mind whether shares or cash, though (either way, could it get much worse than it is now?) I'd appreciate other people's recommendations to help me make my mind up.

floatyjosmum Tue 29-Sep-09 22:01:47

we put dd's in at nationwide (not the stock one)
we transfer money each month with no probs and put bday cheques etc in at the branch.
they just send a statement each year around her birthday.

TBH from what re read up they are all really the same other than one being shares and the other not. we just liked the idea of def getting our money back as we have been trying to save the max each year

sausagerolemodel Tue 29-Sep-09 22:17:02

I looked into this a few weeks ago from almost identical viewpoint to yours. I have c@p'd the email I sent to DH about it below. Hope this helps. Cannot guarantee my own accuracy on what I have surmised but I think/hope I got it roughly right.

[quote]The govt put a list of all the CTF providers on this page here - I will summarise the table for you however.

There are 3 options

1. Savings account lo/no risk but low returns
2. savings account - potentially higher risk but potentially bigger returns
3 stakeholder account - stocks/shares investment with managed risk: these companies must obey govt rules when managing the account, so for example, after age 13 they must put it in gradually decreasing risk investments, so there's not chance that it will end up worth nothing if there's a crash just as DD turns 18.

I think stakeholder sounds like the one for us (we can change at a later date if we want)

There is only one company that makes ethical investments for the stakeholder account which is

You can manage this fund online yourself.

You can compare their performance here

They have made perhaps a percent or two less then some others in the last year but then they lost less than others in the big crash.

if we set up a direct debit when we apply we get 25 quid boots vouchers when we start.

So - I am no expert but this one seems to be a reasonable choice, with managed risk and its ethical.[/quote]

Janberryxx Thu 08-Oct-09 16:07:59

Hi Everyone,

I too am procrastinating over which Child Trust Fund to pick! My baby is 17 months now and I still haven't sorted this out!!!!

I just had a look at the trustnet link in Sausagerolemodel's message, but couldn't make head-or-tail of the website, and now feel even more flumaxed about the whole thing! I can't get my head around financial things, numbers, that kind of thing, but time is ticking!!!!!

Does anyone know of any other comparison reports? I too would prefer an ethical choice. xx

AbricotsSecs Thu 08-Oct-09 16:11:50

Message withdrawn

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