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Any ideas on how to make more money?

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tammybear Mon 06-Jun-05 20:13:12

At the moment, my situation is I work 20 hours a week, rent 2 bedroom house partly by housing benefit, rest out of my wage. I get CTC, WTC, CB, HB, CTB, maintenance from ex, and my wage. With work, any overtime we do isn't paid and comes out in toil. So was wondering, besides selling on ebay, how else can I make extra money, preferably that I wont get taxed for. Any ideas? Thanks.

starshaker Mon 06-Jun-05 20:20:31

sell ur body

i would but theres no takers lol

starshaker Mon 06-Jun-05 20:20:49

that was a joke by the way

tammybear Mon 06-Jun-05 20:24:39

lol starshaker i know, a good idea, but i doubt id get much for it anyway lol

popsycal Mon 06-Jun-05 20:25:47


charleepeters Mon 06-Jun-05 20:26:12

or betterware/clean easy???

charleepeters Mon 06-Jun-05 20:26:22

anne summers rep???

starshaker Mon 06-Jun-05 20:27:22

ann summers sounds fun would love to do that

tammybear Mon 06-Jun-05 20:28:02

dont think id be confident enough to be an ann summers rep but the other sound good

helsi Mon 06-Jun-05 20:28:23

I tried selling my body once. I came home with £30.50. My dh said "who gave you the 50p?" I said "all of them".

boom boom - sorry.

seriously - I am trying to make mnore money the the moment. I am selling books, baby things and other things on ebay and MN. I am making hand made cards and trying to sell those too.
Luckily I also do novelty celebration cakes and have had a couple of commissions this week so that's come in handy.

tammybear Mon 06-Jun-05 21:31:40

lol helsi, but your card and cake ideas are really good, although im not that good at decorating

helsi Mon 06-Jun-05 21:32:57

I agree that ann summers is fun. so is Virgin Vie home parties/ssales.

tammybear Mon 06-Jun-05 21:38:31

oh helsi, you just made me remember bout virgin vie, i went to one a couple of months ago and that was quite fun. ooo might look into that

starshaker Tue 07-Jun-05 14:11:56

my wee sis is a candel party organiser she loves it and its managing to pay for her wedding

tammybear Tue 07-Jun-05 15:39:56

whats candel starshaker?

jodiex Thu 09-Jun-05 20:08:22

I work for a network mktg company ideal for working from home. The job works round you and I love it because i can be with my children and for a fantastic company who treat me well. Its dosent cost much to set up and is fun and rewarding after a few mths, its not a get rich quick scheme but its a rewarding business.

To find out more e.mail me

GaylordFocker Thu 09-Jun-05 20:12:05

Phoenix card Trading, they a brilliant selection of cards etc that you can sell at home by arranging parties and you can do Trade fairs and stuff. My friend does it and it's early days but if you keep going with it you can work from home and go to other people's houses and it's not just at night, like some ones.

bumptobabies Sat 11-Jun-05 11:09:30

how about making sadwiches to sell in near by offices industrial areas or retail areas.

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