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Benefits question

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OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 23-Sep-09 18:23:34

Slightly complicated question here. My DS2 and his GF, who do not live together, have a baby. GF lives with her mum, who is an unemployed single parent in receipt of whatever benefits she's entitled to. GF, also unemployed, (former student) gets some sort of benefits, but not sure what - the baby is under 3 mo, if that makes a difference. She's claiming as a single parent, because they don't co-habit.

DS2 lives with me and DH. We are not on benefits of any kind as we both work and our DC are adults. DS was a student but has graduated with an HNC; he was planning (and had a place) to do an HND at a different college this year, but the course was cancelled and he's left with only the minimum wage (£4.77 for a 19yo) zero-hours-contract part-time job he took a few months ago. He's had about 25 hours a week for the past couple of weeks, but it's more usually 9 or 10.

DS and his GF have been told that he is not allowed to stay over with her at night, because she's claiming as a single parent. (They were reported to the DSS because he had been staying over, helping out with his son, as IMVHO a man should, but I take the point.)

This is the bit that confuses me: If he does stay over, apparently as the only wage-earner in the household, he becomes financially responsible not only for his GF and their DC, but also GF's mother and another baby. And because he generally works under 16 hours a week, he wouldn't be entitled to top-up benefits.

Can anyone tell me if this is correct? It seems utterly astounding to me. shock Either DS supports three adults and two babies on £50 a week, [plainly impossible emoticon] or he and his GF break up so she can claim, [they're young parents and in love emoticon] or he jacks his job in to move in with her and claims benefits? [wtf emoticon]

Would they be entitled to any benefits if GF and baby moved into my house?

Obviously, he's looking for a better, full-time job, but we're already in an area with high unemployment, and several hundred workers are to be made redundant in the next few months.

A further question. DH and I share our rented home with our two DCs and let a room to an unrelated lodger. If DS, his GF and baby move in here (we have the space) would this make us a House of Multiple Occupation?

easymover Wed 23-Sep-09 21:10:21

If he is contracted to work less than 16 hrs aweek he maybe able to claim JSA.If he moves in with his GF he would claim JSA for a couple which is 100 pound aweek.Then they would take off any money that he earns i.e 10hrs=47.70.They would also be entitled to ctc.
He would not have to support his GF's mom or family.But if they live in rented housing and claim housing benefits he may have to pay some towards the rent.I think its something like 7 pounds if you earn 110 aweek and goes up the more you earn.
It would be the same if DS's GF moved in with you.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 23-Sep-09 21:19:22

Thanks, easymover, that really does help. I recall many years ago when I had a part-time job with variable hours I had to tell the DSS every week how much I'd earned, so they could top it up, but I thought that had changed. GF's mum does rent her house, through an HA, so him moving in there would affect her benefits that way, I guess.

GF and baby moving in here would be easier from that point of view, but I'm not sure if DH, DS1 and I form one household, with the lodger a second and then DS2, GF and baby a third. That would be A Bad Thing.

Of course, if there were available social housing, that would help. What would the situation be if they found a private let? Our landlady has many properties (and is wonderful) and DH and I could help with the deposit and first month, but we couldn't afford that every month.

easymover Wed 23-Sep-09 21:27:22

If they were to find a property to let they would get the benefits has above,and help with the rent and council tax.If your DS is entitled to top up JSA i think they would get to full housing/council tax benefit.But it does depend on how much the rent is and they would only be entitled to 2 bedrooms.If they had more then 2 bedrooms they wouldn't get the full rent paid.

If DS's GF moved in with you i'm not sure if it would make any differance that you already have a lodger.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 23-Sep-09 21:37:40

Thanks again, you've been really helpful. I'll talk it over with them some more.

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