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JSA Ending and Parents in trouble with money

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Eve4Walle Tue 22-Sep-09 23:40:14

My dad works and earns a decent wage. But my parents are both 59 and my Mum was made redundant last year. She's been on JSA for 6 months and the Job Centre told her in a metting this week that she in not entitled to any other benefit now that her 6 months of JSA is up.

They still have a mortgage of £500 or so a month and are really struggling with money as they have other bill and debts to pay. Does anyone know where she can go for advice and if it it indeed the case that she cannot claim anything?

So sad to see them brought so low and she's constantly upset and crying because she's so worried. She been working since she was 15....sad

LaurieFairyCake Tue 22-Sep-09 23:43:29

No she probably can't get anything. I didn't when my JSA ended and dh was working.

What they can do is reprioritise their debts and stop paying them or pay the minimum until she finds work. They could enquire about a mortgage holiday or they could prioritise that debt if they can afford it and pay less on the others.

Hopefully she will find something soon.

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