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Claiming cost of medical treatment in France

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Bounder Sat 19-Sep-09 19:56:27

I had some A+E treatment in France over a month ago, showed the European Health Insurance card, wasn`t asked for any payment. The bill has just arrived including details of the French Bank account into which I`m supposed to pay it in euros.
The booklet which came with the EHI cards suggests that partial re-imbursement can be claimed but only if you do it while still in France, so that`s out.
I don`t really mind paying, it`s not alot, but wondered whether anyone had ever successfully claimed the cost in the past (possible reciprocal arrangement with the NHS?). Also if I do have to pay, how do I do it practically as it`s in euros?
Didn`t involve insurance company by the way as didn`t seem worth the hassle, would have had to pay an excess anyway and then would have had a claim history.
Any advice welcome!

MmeLindt Sat 19-Sep-09 20:32:42

Not sure about claiming but you will be able to do a European bank transfer to pay the bill. Ask your bank, but be warned the charges can be steep.

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