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what age can you extend your mortgage to, is it retirement sge or can you extend it more?

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ssd Sat 19-Sep-09 09:22:32

need to extend mortgage to afford payments, am 43, what age can I extend it to?need another 17 yrs at least

iamtrufflepig Sat 19-Sep-09 23:34:58

Well if you are only 43 you will not be able to retire until you are at least 66 so that give you 23 years. Does that help.

ABetaDad Sun 20-Sep-09 01:47:58

Recently tried for a mortgage and could not get one past 65.

said Sun 20-Sep-09 12:25:20

Got my last mortgage when I was approaching 42 and we were only allowed 22 or 23 years. And this was with having a dp of 7 years younger.

Ivykaty44 Sun 20-Sep-09 12:29:34

Have you spoken to your lender? They may prefer to come to an arrangment than you go under with the payments, so may be willing to extend

whinegums Sun 20-Sep-09 13:14:32

We've just taken a 20 year mortgage, DP will be 74 then. Depends on the lender - we were accepted by HBOS and Alliance & Leicester, but we did have a big deposit. If you can go into a branch and discuss face to face (or use a broker) it's better than doing online or over the phone. Most places won't do a mortgage that runs past 75 though.

ssd Sun 20-Sep-09 18:48:08


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