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12p over my overdraft limit...and guess what they charged?

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Spillage21 Thu 17-Sep-09 18:23:33

OK admittedly, they have said that I can apply to refund charges once I pay them a cheque for 13p...but...

Checked account, wrote a cheque that was comfortably within my balance, but bank charges took me over. They charged me £15 once off, and £6 per day.

Had account for, oooh, 10 years and been over my limit, er...never. I have to say my blood pressure rose a bit after I'd opened the letter.

lynniep Thu 17-Sep-09 18:28:34


not in theleast bit surprised though. its an automatic charge on an unauthorised overdraft so its kind of to be expected (although the day charges are a bit mean on top)

they are usually pretty good if you approach them - as you've said you can apply to refund

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