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Hando Wed 16-Sep-09 13:05:12

Not really a "money" issue more a complaint, but here seemed the best topic.

My dd had an accident in Sainsburys yesterday. Nothing too serious, but it was very scary, we were walking along, slowly browsing when she just dropped to the floor -she slipped in the aisle and smacked her head on the concrete ground, hard! - She screamed one of those horrific mummy panicing screams, the whole store was looking, cue instant massive golf ball lump on her head and one very sick feeling mummy (me) she looked like she was going to pass out! sad

I picked her up and took her to the staff desk. The staff were nice and chatted to her as we sat down as she was feeling sick and weak and a bit distressed, but no first aider came. The checkout supervisor couldn't find the first aid kit for a compress or whatever they do for bumps so got a huge bag of frozen peas out of the freezer and loped that on dd's head! Dd was a bit hmm as it was hurting her head! They didn't get me to record the accident in the "accident book" either. Also, most importantly - nobody actually went to check the aisle to see what is was she slipped on, so we don't actually know.

Of course my head was all in a tizz at the time and I was anxious about dd being concussed or similar so I didn't think it through until after we got home and dd was settled for bed.

AIBU to think it was all handled a little unprofessionally? Perhaps I'm just over thinking things? Should I send an email in to complain? Give me a kick if I'm being ott and I'll shut up and leave it.

Sallypuss Wed 16-Sep-09 13:15:10

Don't think you're going OTT at all. I would have had the same reaction.

You should write to the store manager (ring the store and check who this is), tell them what you've posted above (i.e. that the staff were nice but unprofessional and he/she then needs to do something about it) and insist they record it in their accident book as the floor shouldn't have been slippy (was there a spill or something else on the floor?). Ask that the manager investigates and comes back to you within a reasonable timeframe. I'd send by recorded delivery too but I'm just arsey like that hmm

stressed2007 Wed 16-Sep-09 15:40:32

how is you daughter? has she been checked by gp?

AngryFromManchester Wed 16-Sep-09 15:42:36

legally she should have been given first aid, an ambulance phoned if necessary, and it recorded in their accident book. That is fairly normal procedure
and of course the area should have been checked and a wet floor sign put up if necessary

tibni Sat 19-Sep-09 20:08:41

There must have been at least one first aider at the store - it is part of the staffing criteria per shift and they should have been called.

Put a letter to the store manager explaining the events and asking for the store accident procedure.

Hope your dd is ok

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