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Mobile phone fiasco - any advice?

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mummypumpkin Tue 15-Sep-09 22:22:27

I am with CPW, have been for years. In june 2008 I upgraded my phone and my contract was renewed for another 18 months. After x number of weeks the phone developed a fault so the store ordered me another phone and replaced the original faulty one. This replacement was also faulty... and I have now had 4 or possibly 5 phones from them which have all been faulty. Each time the phone has had a different fault. The last replacement phone I collected from them in July, got it home and realised it had a fault, then it developed 2 more faults. This time CPW could not order me a replacement because they no longer have that particular phone in stock so they had to send it away for repair. I picked it up today and checked it was ok in store... only to get home and find I cannot make or receive any calls!! I am fuming. I am paying £30pm for this and I also have insurance which costs me £30 per quarter. I cannot upgrade until December and they will not give me a different phone until I upgrade. What can I do?

BigGitDad Tue 15-Sep-09 22:27:41

Maybe you need to contact your local trading standards office for some advice.

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