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Keys are falling off my 4 week old laptop!

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123andaway Mon 14-Sep-09 17:13:57

Probably too much typing on mumsnet ;)

I bought a laptop from Comet 4 weeks ago (ordered online). 2 days ago the number 6 key fell off, and just now the U has gone.

Comment have told me that I have to contact the manufacturer as the computer has a 12 month gaurantee.

The lady in the manufacturers Indian call centre didn't seem to understand me, and told me to call back tomorrow as their machines were very slow!

I would much rather deal with the place where I purchased the computer as it's so new.

Where do I stand legally?


Rebeccaj Mon 14-Sep-09 21:41:34

Your contract is with the retailer, NOT the manufacturer. It is their responsibility to provide you with a product that is fit for purpose.

See here -

According to them -
"Under the Sale of Goods Act, the retailer must either repair or replace the goods 'within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience'. If the seller doesn't do this, you are entitled to claim either:

reduction on the purchase price, or
your money back, minus an amount for the usage you've had of the goods (called 'recision').
If the retailer refuses to repair the goods, you may have the right to arrange for someone else to repair it, and then claim compensation from the retailer for the cost of doing this"

So go back to the store you bought it from, quote the sale of goods act at them, and demand they put it right!

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