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My Mother... what is she like... graaaaggghhhh...(head in hands)

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Bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 11-Sep-09 12:14:47

Sorry after an intensely frustrating conversation with my mother I need to vent desperately!

She has changed bank accounts this month and she went into the branch of her chosen new bank herself and did all the forms etc. by herself. I was really pleased for her because all financial/ form filling/ people in suits behind desks type activities she finds incredibly dificult and it induces huge anxiety so I knew it was a big deal for her to do it alone.

Anyhow she told me that her bills were going out of the new account but the money was in her old account earlier this week. I told her all about the problems I had last year changing accounts and how the civil service took 4 months too work out they were paying the wages into the old account and how I had to arrange a mahoosive overdraft and move the money manually over each month from old account to new all that time. I thought I was being pretty explicit in my advice - move the money over youself - don't expect it to be sorted out straight away.

So she went straight to her old bank withdrew all the money and closed the account!!!shock

Then she gets a letter from the new bank saying don't forget to keep your old account open till the changeover is complete. Now she is freaking out as she has no idea whether her money is going to be paid to the right place. And there is no where else for it to go now!

She gets a tiny local govt pension and then widows pension - I have told her to ring the people paying her today and make sure they are going to pay the money to the right account! I have not mentioned the direct debits they will have to be sorted out another day. What happens to money that is paid into a closed account?

I have told her to work out what she needs for the next month and make sure she has an overdraft to cover it - but honestly she has created a problem by being impatient! She is blaming the women who helped her open her new account for not telling her to not close the old one straight away - but I would have thought it was bloody obvious - am I harsh!?

I swear mum lives in an alternative reality in her head where people in suits are totally competent and able to sort everything out for you. Whereas I assume they are either incompetent or don't give a shit and therefore micromanage and chase up every transaction. Maybe because I have been a person in a suit behind a desk.grin

Sorry I had to get that out of my system - but is there anything else I should be telling mum to do to ensure her thruppence happeny doesn't get lost in the ether - she can't afford to have her income delayed?sad

JustAnotherManicMummy Tue 15-Sep-09 02:10:34

Most current accounts take a couple of weeks to close down. Has she tried getting the old bank to reinstate the account?

Then that would give her a bit more time to get her pensions moved over to the new one.

I too have been the person in the suit behind the desk... or more aptly the person supposedly managing the person behind the desk... so I know how maassively they can screw up even the most simple task as I then spend ages sorting it out

sarahken Tue 15-Sep-09 18:50:02

The money from her pensions will be held in a general suspense account at her old bank as they won't be able to tie it up. They then return the payment to the sender. This process can take up to 14 days. The pension people will then re-issue the money to the new account. Just phone everyone and let them know the correct bank accout details, but if a payment is due in the next 3-5 days, it may be to late to stop it going to her old account, and this will end up being returned to the sender also.

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