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Could we afford to live back in the UK???

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kidcreoleandthecoconuts Mon 07-Sep-09 10:41:18

We are currently living in Ireland but DP has started to apply for jobs back in England. The thing is our position is vastly different from when we last lived in the UK 3.5 years ago. Both me and Dp worked and we had one DC. I am now a SAHM currently pregnant with number 3.
Even if DP were to get a job we are worried that we would not survive financially without me working. I know we'd get Child Benefit but don't know how much? Also I have looked into Tax Credits and it says we would be entitled to £40,000 a year based on 3 DC and DP earning £20,000 a year. This seems a lot!
It would be great to hear from other families who have 3 DC, are SAHM's and whose DP's earn lowish wages and find out how they survive and what they are able to claim.
Thanks smile

DLI Mon 07-Sep-09 19:01:01

hi, we have only one ds and our joint income is approximately £34000 (dh works five days and i work 4). we get child benefit of £80 every four weeks - i think if you have three children you will get about £100 every four weeks. we don't get working tax credits as i think you have to be on about £10,000 to get this! and we only get about £550 a year child tax credits (no childcare allowance as my mum looks after ds when he is not at school). this is also taking into account ds is classed as disabled.

hope this helps

lizziemun Tue 08-Sep-09 09:24:15

Can't help Tax credit as we don't get them but we get £46.40 a week for 3 children.

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