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Splitting up - what happens to assets?

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YoVicko Sun 30-Aug-09 14:52:20

Can anyone advise? I am splitting up with my H. We have a young son. He wants joint residency which I'm not adverse to. We both work and he earns about £8k more than me. He's moved in with the OW and their joint income is about £42k more than me on my own.

The flat is mine, my name. He paid a monthly contribution into my bank account to cover bills etc..

Will my flat be taken into account anywhere either me having to sell and split money or in affecting his maintenance for our son?

Also he has told me he will be significantly reducing his monthly contribution (though will still be more than what I'd get via CSA calcs). Is there any binding agreement we can come up with so I can 'secure' this money and possibly more?

I don't see why I should struggle while he and the OW live it up..

Mousey84 Tue 01-Sep-09 21:33:37

Im sorry - I dont know - bumping it for you though. You may want to repost under legal matter or lone parents topics.

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