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Are we better off living apart for now?

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prettypinkprincess Wed 26-Aug-09 19:35:28

Hi, my situation is that I am a full time uni student with 1 DD. We live in a rented flat via a housing association. DP (not DD's father) still lives with his parents about an hour away. We would like to live together, we have been together two years, but I am unsure as to how this would work out financially.

DP is on about £12,000pa at the moment. Ideally, we would try to get him a job before he moves here, as it makes little sense to keep travelling to where he works now which would end up costing £100 a week in just travel.

I am currently receiving a maintenance loan through my student loan, as well as a childcare grant for DD to go to after school club whilst I'm at uni, a parental allowance I think it is called, and housing benefit. I am exempt from council tax. I also get maintenance from DD's father, though it's only £10 a week.

I am guessing I will get less of my maintenance loan and childcare grant. I think the parental allowance will stop which I think is only for lone parents (I think, need to relook that up). If DP did move in as well, I would try and get a part time job on the days I am not working, or in the evenings. Part of the reason why I am unable to get a job at the moment is that there are hardly any places I can find that would allow me to just work up til 3pm to be able to go pick DD up from school on my 2 days off uni.

We did agree we would wait til the end of my course which I have two years left of, as it seems more sensible, however DP is having a lot of problems with his family, and I am finding it hard to cope on my own. But I just wanted to know if anyone could give any advice if they know any more than I do? Worth a shot I thought. Thanks.

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