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travel insurance for over 75s

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chocolateshoes Thu 20-Aug-09 22:07:26

My DILs are struggling to find travel insurance and I was wondering if any one had any recommendations pleaase. DFIL has had a triple heart by pass & has angina. DMIL has had hip op. They are both in 70s. They say they can't find anything because they have so many pre-existing conditions. They used to use Saga. I'm sure there must be somthing for them but wouldn't mind some pointers before looking at all the differnet companies. Thanks!

Hassled Thu 20-Aug-09 22:13:33

I saw the title and was going to suggest Saga - I take it that's no good now? Does the Age Concern website have any recommendations?

chocolateshoes Thu 20-Aug-09 22:19:25

no Saga no good now apparently. I'll have a look at the Age Concern site. Good idea - thanks!!

hf128219 Thu 20-Aug-09 22:20:59

Help the Aged do travel insurance.

chocolateshoes Thu 20-Aug-09 22:24:56

both helpful suggestions thank you. I can't really work out exactly what the problem is - I think whatever they get offered is working out as incredibly expensive. Am noting down all suggestions to show them when I see them on Sat.

inscotland Fri 21-Aug-09 09:43:06

The Post Office!

It will be expensive but you can also google for other places.

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