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I need help with my rent

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EvaToniAnn Tue 18-Aug-09 11:20:43

I posted a couple of weeks ago on the relationships forum about wanting to split up from my husband.

Well we finally had a talk and decided it for the best before we start to hate eachother.

I've found a wee 2 bed house for me and my son for 450 a month, I need 450 deposit and a months rent, so all together I need 900 pounds before they'll let me move in.

I have 450 of it in my bank but my brother told me that I could get a loan from someone who will make up the rest of the deposit, does anyone know if this would be the Dhss?

Thanks in advance

Eva x

MissSunny Tue 18-Aug-09 12:44:40

Message withdrawn

EvaToniAnn Tue 18-Aug-09 14:29:50

Thanks MissSunny,

Am going to go down and see someone later this afternoon, hopefully get something sorted out.


milkmonster Wed 19-Aug-09 00:46:28

If you don't work, some councils run schemes where they will 'pay' your deposit for you via a written guaranteed Indemnity. Though in my experience professional letting agaents and private landlords are reluctant to accept this as a deposit, because it's a contract, not hard cash.

The DSS offers interest-free loans specifically to help pay your deposit, but not your Rent Advance (or is it the other way round? I can't remember!) called Crisis or Budgeting Loans. You have to be claiming eligible benefits to receive such though.

Some council housing lists also have 'fast-track' properties available to move in to without a deposit or rent advance, but they're 'hard to let' properties, basically in unpopular areas (estates with reputations) or unpopular properties such as high-rises or sheltered housing.

EvaToniAnn Fri 21-Aug-09 20:33:55

Thanks Milkmonster & MissSunny

I went down today and they sorted me out with a check for rent in advance, I get to pay it back a bit each month

Look like I'll be in the house for end of month.

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