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Tax credits - how long does it usually take to process the first time?

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lowrib Sun 16-Aug-09 17:39:54

I'm just about to send in our tax credit form for the first time. I'm late in doing it, so due a bit of a back date. (I know they only go back 3 months).

Does anyone know when I can expect to actually see the money? How long did it take them to process your form the first time?

TIA smile

lowrib Sun 16-Aug-09 19:05:08


manicmuvvaof3 Mon 17-Aug-09 18:31:26

Hi, didn't want you to do unanswered. We too claimed for the first time earlier this year - took around 4 weeks and it was backdated three months so the first payment was fairly large. HTH smile

lowrib Tue 18-Aug-09 18:08:32

Hi manicmuvvaof3 thanks smile that gives me a good idea of what to expect.

missmelly Tue 18-Aug-09 18:09:57

ours took about 4 weeks as well, but they may be a little busier at this time of year because of the renewals

Doobydoo Sat 22-Aug-09 21:44:26

So far ours is 20 weeks..have received nothing yet!

lowrib Mon 24-Aug-09 07:50:21

Hi missmelly and Doobydoo thanks for the replies.

20 weeks?!! That must be really annoying. I guess I mustn't count on the money being there any time soon then.

Doobydoo Mon 24-Aug-09 08:25:34

It's bonkers.We have contacted our MP who has sent out letterssmile
Hope you get yours sorted.

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