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UPDATE about tax credits

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Fran1 Fri 27-May-05 09:40:04

Thought i'd let you know i had success with tax credits.

I havn't been receiving any for the last year due to so called overpaymnent made by IR. I was told they would start again April 2005. When April arrived i rang and was told i wouldn't get any til April 2006!

Miraculously i have just had a reply to the letter of complaint i wrote in June 2004 to say they agree it was their fault and they will forget any further debt i owe them, so as of May 05 i am receiving normal payments yippeee!

Still slightly annoyed with the fact that because they didn't reply for a year they don't have to wipe that debt buy hey ho we can't have everything!

So those of you wondering where to complain i wrote to the address which is on the top of your letter from them.
I did ring several times to ask them what was happening so whether that's also worth doing i don't know.

Good luck to everyone else trying to fight their cass!

ssd Fri 27-May-05 09:43:05

Fran, did you take copies or send by registered post? Did you get a reply to say they'd got your letter or did they leave you hanging?

Did you take proffessional advice on how to go about complaining?

Thanks - I just don't know where to start!

Fran1 Fri 27-May-05 09:51:08

No nothing like that i thrashed out a letter when i was fuming with them.

I've just read your post and we had similar situation to you. But i wasn't aware they have overpaid. As soon as they realised they had overpaid they stopped all payments for what was going to be two years.

I kept copies of the letter on my computer.

I think i said i was writing to appeal against their decision. Have you read the leaflet that comes with your claim? It tells you at the back how long you have to appeal.

Just don't expect a speedy reply! i'm sure that is engineered so they only had to pay me some of the debt back thought.

Good luck.

ssd Sat 28-May-05 18:13:24

Thank for replying. No I haven't read the leaflet, I just keep the award notice and chuck the rest out. If it's not too long can you tell me what it says (don't worry if it's too much hassle, I understand

Fran1 Sun 29-May-05 09:41:46

HI, sorry only just seen your thread, i will try and remember to hunt it out later and tell you what it says. Its filed away neatly somewhere upstairs .

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