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ATM question.

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Fri 14-Aug-09 17:14:15

I have £320 in my bank account and also a £600 overdraft that I've never used.

ATM screen says that there is £320 in my accound and that the maximum withdrawal allowed is £320. Does that mean I can't use my overdraft or would it let me take more than that if needed?

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and some money I was expecting now isn't going to turn up till Thursday!

mosschops30 Fri 14-Aug-09 17:19:35

Probably because you can only withdraw a maximum amount per day.
Youd probably find that you could draw £320 tonight, then same again in the morning.
My limit is £250 per day but think it varies from bank to bank

BigGobMum Fri 14-Aug-09 17:31:36

I know many accounts have a maximum withdrawal amount each day but these are always a round figure - £200, £250, £300 etc never an odd amount like £320.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Fri 14-Aug-09 17:32:43

I don't think it is that MossChops 'cos last night I had £335 in my account and it said that max withdrawal was £335. I was just wondering if they don't include the overdraft on amount allowed?

Itsjustafleshwound Fri 14-Aug-09 17:33:22

If you have the stamina, I would give your bank's 'helpline' a call to clarify ...

Sounds as if the o/d facility is not available - I think they can reserve the right to withdraw it if it isn't used ???

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