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do I claim or don't I?

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jamsandwich Tue 11-Aug-09 22:17:24

hoping this is the right place, for car insurance annoyingness.

Never had to claim on car insurance before. Parked in a multi-storey car park a few days ago, against all my better instincts, didn't notice til I collected dd later that day that some - ahem - thoughtless person (in a 4X4) judging by the height of the damage had scraped all along rear passenger side of car, down to the metal in 4 or 5 places and a massive dent. Looks like it was as they reversed out (and I had gone to pains to park as far over by the sodding concrete post as I could, to be away from them). No note of course.

Car cost £3500 in 2006, 2002 registered, skoda estate, hardly a fancy car and I'm not that bothered about how it looks, but planned to keep it a long time so don't want it to rust. I've never had to claim on insurance before, never had any damage like this before, just don't know whether to let nature take its course, or shell out myself or claim? No idea how much repair would cost either.

GreatBallsOfFluff Tue 11-Aug-09 22:21:23

I would first get a couple of quotes to fix it, then work out whether you'd be better off claiming on the insurance but losing any NCB that you have accrued and also the excess you'd have to pay, or whether it's just better in the long run to pay for fixing the car yourself.

Sorry to hear about this though - some people really are sods.

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