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anyone know about EU safety standards on cots?

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DebInAustria Tue 11-Aug-09 10:11:18

anyone know anything about safety standards on cots? When we got ds3 (aged 13 months) up this afternoon one of the spindles/bars on his cot has sheared in 2 , the top half had come out and was on the floor, leaving the other half sticking up with a really sharp point. He was fine but what might have happened doesn't bear thinking about. I bought it last June and have my receipt, in the UK I'd have been able to fight my case, but here I need a bit more ammunition I think.Thanks

LIZS Tue 11-Aug-09 10:18:38

Does it have a label quoting the relevant EU legislation reference or TUV approved?

DebInAustria Tue 11-Aug-09 13:08:32

I'll go and have a look Liz

DebInAustria Tue 11-Aug-09 13:14:50

No, I can't see anything on it, it might have said on the box but we haven't got it any longer! I have called the shop but the person responsible for the baby dept is off today so they can't do anything until tomorrow shock

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