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munz Wed 25-May-05 14:41:15

Just had this on an email - from a good friend, I thought u guys should be aware of it just incase.

We have been advised that false Inland Revenue letters and forms are being sent to people at their home addresses in an attempt to obtain their personal bank details. These letters, sent in the name of Fiona Delaney, Inspector of Taxes, carry a bogus Inland Revenue logo and request information relating to residential status, "Not Ordinarily Resident in the UK".

The letter encloses a Form P86 which asks for personal bank details and also the individual's nationality, address, profession and date of birth.

These letters and enclosed forms have not been issued by the Inland Revenue, who are unaware of Fiona Delaney.

If you receive one of these or a similar letter and are unsure as to it's legitimacy it is recommended that you contact the Inland Revenue
before completing and returning any paperwork.

bundle Wed 25-May-05 14:46:21

we had a bogus Data Protection register letter, addressed to our nursery, looked pretty convincing and when i rang the proper people they said Trading Standards were investigating. think they asked for couple hundred quid, instead of the usual £30 or so.there's a lot of it about

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