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Tax Credits postal address

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JuJuMoo Wed 25-May-05 14:31:06

Hi all, does anyone have a tax credits postal address? I've been waiting 4 months for my claim to go through and they just keep telling me to wait! Arggh ... so, I want to write to them but can't find an address as I've had no award letter from them. Does the address vary from area to area? I can't find the address online anyway Doh! If anyone can just have a look at the top of a letter and let me know, thanks.

debs26 Wed 25-May-05 14:35:21

i have just received renewal forms and the letter has TCO Liverpool 3, TCO, Government Buildings, Preston, Lancs, PR1 0YP in top corner. On envelope to send back form it has Inland Revenue, Tax Credit Office, Comben House, Farriers Way, Netherton, Merseyside, L75 1WB. Dont know if renewal forms go to different place to initial claim forms. We are in north west, but am sure i have seen a newcastle address somewhere. i would ring helpline and just ask for address, not explaining why. number is 0845 300 3900. hth

JuJuMoo Wed 25-May-05 14:36:50

He,he - i'm sooo stupid! I'll just call them, why didn't I think about that! Having a baby dislodges all sense! he,he, thanks though, I'll ring them now :-)

debs26 Wed 25-May-05 14:38:08

lol jujumoo, i know how you feel!

bubblerock Wed 25-May-05 14:40:16

Tax Credit office
0151 966 1151
Fax: 0151 949 3037

This is who you need to contact as these are the only people that can manually process claims and send giro's - don't ring the helpline as every call you put in gets logged and pushes your claim further back if that makes sense - I wouldn't bother ringing the above number either, it rings for 6 mins then hangs up

I had a similar problem (stuck in the system) and only got my claim processed correctly after contacting the adjudicator e-mail -
explain all that has happened and if it has caused you stress or financial difficulties.

We received our full award and a small amount of
compensation to cover the cost of telephone calls and stress it caused us

mummy2b Wed 25-May-05 15:36:11

Sorry to gatecrash this thread but i just wanna ask bubblerock something!

How long was you waiting for the IR (to$$ers) to try and sort out your claim?

I have been waiting for my payments for last year to be sorted (they stopped my payments in June), and i finally managed to get through to make a complaint in april, they then sent me a letter stating that i have to wait 6-8 weeks for it to looked at and sorted and gave me the same number to call if i had a problem (was gonna call but after reading what you said happens i aint gonna bother!)

Could you please try and advice me what to do (been going on for so long now i feel i've tried everything and still waiting for it to be sorted!)

Once again apologies for gate crashing this thread!

bubblerock Wed 25-May-05 18:22:42

Hi mummy2b, have you complained to the adjudicator? Also there are Inland Revenue enquiry centres, find your local one here they can give you advice and help you fill in any forms.

We wasted 6 months complaining via fax, letter & telephone before contacting the adjudicator, we then had to wait a further 4 weeks for our entitlement to arrive, it was in the form of Giro Cheques.

About 4 weeks after that we received a cheque for compensation and a telephone call to make sure everything was satisfactory and to apologise.

mummy2b Fri 27-May-05 09:34:09

bubblerock, i feel like i've done everything that involves IR. I have tried sorting claim over phone, by letter, been to the IR center on numerous occasions to see if the claim was being sorted and every time i visited the center they would tell the lady that was looking after me that my case was being investigated!
Well they said that in October and still not sorted out my claim for last year. (But one good thing i can say is that they have started paying me for this tax year!)
They have also sent me a letter saying that i have been payed too much for 04/05, but how the fu*k they can say that because they stopped all payments from July (my last payment was in June), so i am also in the middle of waiting for that to be sorted as well.
I wish that just one person would deal with my case because each person i talk to gives me a different answers and i am feeling worst of than when the problem started!
I think i will give IR 2 more weeks (because they sent a letter 5 weeks ago saying that they are looking into my complaint and to be expected to wait 6-8 weeks before it is sorted), and if it aint sorted then i will be contacting the adjudicators and hopefully they can sort out IR for me. Thanks bubblerock.

bubblerock Fri 27-May-05 21:43:42

Good luck Mummy2b and make sure you specifically ask to be compensated (if you don't ask you don't get!)

They're now paying me via Direct debit and also sending me double the amount in Giro cheques each month. I'm paying these into my savings account to earn interest until they ask for it back

JuJuMoo Sun 29-May-05 13:59:41

Hi everyone, thanks for the info, I rng tax credits for the postal address and they told me that its much quicker to discuss everything in person rather than in writing! I don't believe that for a second as I've already rang them monthly for the past four and had no response. I will now write to them and email the ajudicators to ask for my compensation. Thanks for advice Bubblerock - yr a star babe!

JuJuMoo Sun 29-May-05 14:00:05

"in person" --- over the phone I mean!

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