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Tax credits....are they trying to send me mental??? (sorry..long!!)

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nearlyfree Sat 08-Aug-09 16:20:03

Last August I received a credit from w & c tax credits into my account for almost £5000. I contacted them immediately convinced it was an error but they said no it was arrears for the year 2007/2008...not convinced I kept hold of it and in October they told me, yes, they had overpaid me by £1771 and I had to repay it!! If I paid it back monthly it would be £158 per month bear in mind I'm a single parent, working 20 hours a week and receiving tax credits and child benefit...not exactly flush with money! But luckily it wasn't an issue (only because I had kept it) so I just repaid the full amount! But still not convinced I was entitled to it, I held on to the rest (while fending off my ex wanting his share of it!!) anyway 4 weeks ago I get a letter saying I am now being investigated for the tax year 07/08. Yesterday I checked my account and found they had credited my account with another £1171! I have just spoken to them and they say that it is arrears for the period April 08 till my ex moved out in June 08...when questioned if it was accurate, I was told as far as they know but always a chance that it may not be and that they may have to recover it, if I have been paid too much!! Now this would all be incidental if it wasn't for the fact that I am in the middle of a divorce and sorting out the finances... (In court!!) this money has been/will be included in the marital assets. I'm hoping to get the house with a mesher agreement and he gets the rest! But what the hell do I do if he gets all the cash and then the tax credit lot want their money back?? The court date is looming and I am worried to death how this is all going to turn out!! ? I'm sorry I know there is probably no solution to this but I just needed to vent!! I wonder if they appreciate how much pressure they put on people when they do this sort of thing and then get shirty when you try to explain to them why you are concerned? Anyone have any advice???

enprovence Sat 08-Aug-09 19:32:09

If you have kept the over-payments and recorded details of all phone conversations and letters sent then I am sure there will be no issue.

mamas12 Sun 09-Aug-09 14:41:10

I would reccomend going to CAB.
I went with my prob(!) and the woman there had a 'direct line' number to some sort of supervisors/manager office and after months of me trying on my own it took one phone call and was sorted.

nearlyfree Sun 09-Aug-09 22:54:39

oh mamas12 thanks for that...should have thought to do that myself...i'll head their way on my next day off...i think perhaps the only thing to do is to return the whole amount to them until they make a final decision...just got to get the ok from my contrary ex hubby nowhmm!!

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