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Default against credit report

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racmac Sat 08-Aug-09 13:36:24

Im so mad - I had a dispute with T Mobile about 18 months ago regarding some texts that i had been sent and charged for. I had never given my details to this Company and disputed that i should pay them.

I told them they should take me to Court - never heard anything further and presumed that they had given up chasing - the debt was £10.00.

I have recently applied for a mortgage and turned down for credit because T Mobile have defaulted my credit file for the sake of bloody £10.00.

I am furious - this was fraud in the first place and now i am being punished.

Any ideas anyone - how do i get them to remove it? Any ideas on the law anyone?

I need this removed its having a big effect and I am really pissed off about it.

MrsJamesMartin Sat 08-Aug-09 22:51:00

They do have the ability to notify the credit company and get the default mark removed.

I think if they were chasing you for debt recovery then you should have had more contact from them ie: debt collection letters etc, not just gone quiet so you have their apparent "silence" on your side.

Can you prove that you had no contact with company who texted you and for whose texts you were subsequently charged ?

we had a mark on our credit record too and didn't realise until we applied for a loan 5 years later!

It was from a water company but we were able to prove that we weren't living in the flat at the time they were saying we were so it was quite easy.

Jbck Sat 08-Aug-09 22:52:33

You could take it up with company and ask them to have it removed as matter was never resolved.

You can also put a qualifying note on your credit file that any person searching the file will see. They can then make a decision based on the contents.

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