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DH owed 2 months money from company he left in June.........

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devonsmummy Fri 07-Aug-09 15:20:05

DH hadn't been paid on time since October last year - dribs and drabs at a time then a couple of months lump sum.

May and June's salary have still not materialised ( he left in June as he had a job he could go to, that would acually pay him!)

How does he go about getting this money?

We have DC2 due in 5 weeks and I would be over the moon to have this sorted by then as it has put a dampner on my whole pregnancy

I should say that DH's old boss is in regular contact with him and wants him to go back and work with him??!!

The admin assistant was layed off this month and a parter left this month too.

Are we likely to ever see this money and get out of our overdraft???

Mousey84 Fri 07-Aug-09 21:58:10

Get him to go there and do a sit-in ;) Bring paperwork showing what he has received and of what he is owed. Maybe speak to CAB about legal position so he can be armed with the facts.

prettybird Sun 09-Aug-09 00:34:28

You can also go to an industrial tribunal for "arrears of pay" - they are not just for unfair dismissal cases.

But you need to do that wthin 3 months of the "offence" happening - so in the case of the May salary, then that would the end of August. It's a failry straightforward form to fill in, so if the details of what you are owed are realtively simply, you could probably fill it in yourslef.

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