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Anyone out there work for Tax Credits and can answer a question for me please?

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MrsWicket Wed 05-Aug-09 14:40:54

Have rung TC to let them know my youngest DD finished at her nursery last friday. She will now be full-time with our lovely childminder from this week till she starts school in sept. (she used to go to childminders twice a week beforehand). Told woman what I was now going to be paying and she asked me what I was paying before – told her and she said it was a different amount from what they had on their system. She wouldn't tell me what it was so now I'm panicking that they think I'm lying about the amount of money we pay each month for childcare (approx.£225 a week). Am I worrying for nothing? We had a overpayment last year which we are paying off and we technically don't get any actual credits till next feb.( I've been keeping notes of when I've called them and what it was about) Phew thanks for sticking with me!

HappyMummyOfOne Wed 05-Aug-09 18:42:40

As long as your childcare costs match those declared on your last reward notice and you have receipts for the same amount you have nothing to worry about.

Mousey84 Fri 07-Aug-09 22:04:34

Call back and ask next person what was on file for it. They should tell you. (think you also have a right to see what is being held on file about you)

My friend also has a dispute with them - not sure yours will go this far, but she was able to get a cd with every call on it (they record all calls)

Know it wont help now, but make sure you make a note of the date and time of every call to them, plus details of what is said (I can record phonecalls on my mobile to help me make notes later). I photocopy anything I send to them. Having this helped me to get over £1k of "overpayments" wiped when it proved that it took them 6 months and 11 phonecalls to update their system after my change in circumstances.

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