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Cancelling Virgin Media TV Internet

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deste Tue 04-Aug-09 22:48:48

Last year I paid for DD and friends to have a Virgin Media package for one year. Three months before the end on the year DD phoned to cancel. She was told she still had to pay the whole year (no problem there) so said she would ask me first. They have on their notes a few times we wanted to cancel. I wrote to cancel and thought that was the last of it. In May I realised I was still paying for the service and went to the bank where they refunded my money. Fast forward to July 13 and I got a phone call to tell me that this had been put into the hands of a debt collection agency, no warning no contact nothing. On 17 July got another phone call telling me the same, taxi was waiting at the door to take us to the airport on holiday. I asked if they would wait till I got back from holiday 2 August so this could be discussed but got back to letters telling me the total due was £366 pounds. I specifically asked them to put on the notes that I would be out of the country on these dates. I phoned on 3 August and they said they have no note of me sending a letter so that was the reason I had to pay. I have been told the case was closed but reopened and I now have to pay over £400 pounds as they wont cancel till I have paid what I am due. Citizens advice dont know what to suggest and I dont want a bad credit rating. Can they keep charging me even though I have told then to cancel. They did not have my address as all they asked me for was my bank details so they continued to send all correspondance to my DD address even though they had on their notes that she was moving house in September last year. Has anyone been in dispute with Vigin Media and had a positive result or even work for them? I have sent a copy of the letter to them but have been told I could have done that anytime and anyway they dont like letters being sent as they can get lost. I want to scream.

kittycatty Wed 05-Aug-09 11:55:51

Sorry no help here, i cancelled last year and still having problems with them.

Gave them 35 days notice (they ask for 30) gave them date i wanted it to finish they only stopped the internet not the tv or phone. Then they kept charging me line rental and tv package!

Had letter from debt company wrote to them got told contact virgin medi, contacted virgin they told me contact debt company. Im so fed up of them angry

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 05-Aug-09 12:10:18

Have had a few disputes with them, but find if I escalate things, it usually gets resolved.

Fact is, they have on record that you wanted to cancel, so you could point out to them that your intention was made clear.

Call them up and ask to speak to supervisor if the person on the phone can't resolve it.

Lovemyshoes Wed 05-Aug-09 12:25:07

Can't offer any advice, but, I cancelled internet with bt last october, they took weeks to send my mac code, I phoned cancelling and they keep saying that my account is clear, there is nothing on my account, but, I received a letter the other day saying I owe £300+

deste Wed 05-Aug-09 16:24:17

Update, today I got a letter telling me the account is now up to £422 and the last charge was made after I cancelled, dated 29 July till 28 August with Advance charges totalling £47.20. I am also being charged an Indemnity claim for 30 June £38.95 and 9 July £152.48, does anyone know what that is?

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