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Another will question...

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Mousey84 Tue 04-Aug-09 18:05:07

Didnt want to hi-jack, but why not use a do-it-yourself pack? Legal loopholes?

Been thinking about this a lot recently after my grandad passed away (a month ago tomorrow).

Ive no possessions of great value, I rent and am a single parent. I have no debt. DD would be looked after by my parents and possessions arent worth anything really - no heirlooms or anything. Any money made from selling them would be for my dd, and my parents wouldnt even think about it being any other way.

I have no preference to what happens to my body after I die, but I guess I need to have something in there about that.

Only problem I could forsee is theres a very very slim chance that dds father may want custody. By his own admission, he is too selfish to raise a child, but he might change his mind if something happened. Hes not on the birth cert, if that makes a difference.

mumblechum Tue 04-Aug-09 18:08:15

Not sure whether you can appoint a Guardian with those DIY packs but in any case if there was a dispute over who your ds would live with, either his dad or your parents would have to make an application to the Court for a residence order. Your ex could also apply for parental responsibility. The Guardianship would indicated what you wanted, but the court wouldn't be obliged to follow it.

From what you've said, a DIY will would probably be ok.

Mousey84 Tue 04-Aug-09 18:17:49

Thanks. Was planning to write a letter and send to both dds father and my parents stating my intentions. Will have a chat with dds dad first. Bit tricky to bring up in conversation. LOL

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