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Parental Responsibility

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ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 09:31:30

I wasn't sure where to put this, I hope this forum is OK.

Has anyone had to apply to the courts in the past for parental responsibility with the mother's agreement?

The form that needs signing witnessed by someone in the court ... do the signatures have to be done at the same time? Or can the father go and get it witnessed while signing it and then the Mother take it to get witnessed on her own?

Or do they have to attend the court together?

Any advice appreciated.

lal123 Mon 03-Aug-09 09:37:49

sorry - when DP applied for parental responsibility it was much more straightforwadr - we just filled in some forms, got them witnessed (not by anyone in cuort!) sent them and the fees off to the notaries office and got certificates back within a couple of weeks? We're in Scotland though and his name is on birth cert.

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 09:43:09

That sounds much more simple lol I don't know if I have misunderstood it for England and Wales but it seems both the mother and father have to have their signatures witnessed. Hopefully someone will know for sure.

Thanks for your reply though x

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 20:12:49


FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 03-Aug-09 20:15:44

If the father's named on the birth certificate (since 2002 I think), then parental responsibility is automatic, the same applies if the parents were married.
Is this not a family child you are referring to?

mrsjammi Mon 03-Aug-09 20:15:51

Message withdrawn

sazm Mon 03-Aug-09 20:16:33

we are in scotland so dont know if its different,we got a from to fill in and the signatures need to be witnessed,but not by anyone official and certainly not in court???

mrsjammi Mon 03-Aug-09 20:32:56

Message withdrawn

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 20:33:57

No, not a family child.

Basically my H is applying for parental responsibility of his child, he isn't on the birth certificate because at the time of the birth he didn't know he was the father. So he has to apply.

Thanks Sazm. Like I said I may have misunderstood the forms. I'm off to have another read. Thanks.

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 20:36:27

Thanks Mrsjammi. I should have said I think they have to be witnessed by staff in the court, not in an actual court case ... if that makes sense lol

mrsjammi Mon 03-Aug-09 20:38:45

Message withdrawn

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 20:40:24

It definitely says the signatures have to be witnessed. How I wish we lived in Scotland.

^A justice of the peace, a justices’ clerk, an assistant to a justices' clerk, or a court official who is authorised by the judge
to administer oaths, will witness your signature and he or she will sign the certificate of the witness.^

I was just wondering if anyone had done it themselves in England or Wales and had done it separately as the chances of my H and the child's mother going to the court together is quite slim.

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 20:42:34

It would be very difficult for them to go together for all manner of reasons. That's why I was wondering if it can be done separately. If it can't then something will have to be sorted out.

mrsjammi Mon 03-Aug-09 20:48:18

Message withdrawn

ChocHobNob Mon 03-Aug-09 20:54:33

Thanks, why didn't I think of that? blush


sazm Mon 03-Aug-09 21:07:30

ooh that is pants lol,

good luck x

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