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how do i stand? i am fuming.

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everythingistaken Sat 01-Aug-09 00:19:34

I had to phone up the job centre today,to find out about a loan i had when i was living at my mom's(date's did'nt add up) they informed me of a loan i did'nt know had i had, anyway turns out it, it is a loan my ex partner had when he moved in with me, texted ex partner today to tell him they were also taking this loan off me, he text's me back tonight saying" it's not the loan i had, but the loans you had at your mom's"
i said" no they told me the date's and they don't add up"
then i thought wtf how do you know, "i said they can't do that without my information either job centre is in the wrong and they have broken the law, or he's kept old letters with my information on i.e ni number, date of birth, address, my childrens full name,s, and that is againist the law without my constent. sorry for long post
hope you can understand it as i am really angry, i knew he was controlling and a bully but didnt think hed do this.

everythingistaken Sat 01-Aug-09 00:23:55

Then he say's " i done it age's ago" like it make's it ok, plus i did'nt tell him about these loans as he would of gone mad, i wasnt aloud to spend any money even though it was before i was with him.

SolidGoldBrass Sat 01-Aug-09 01:20:16

Hopefully someone who knows more about this than me will be along soon, but I think you should get some advice from the CAB or similar - if I understand you properly your XP took out a loan in your name without telling you. THis is fraud and you can probably report him to the police and the job centre.

everythingistaken Sat 01-Aug-09 02:27:37

it was last year when we moved in here our name's were on joint claim cause they told me i had too, the job seekers went into his account,i phoned today about a letter i had about this loan. we have split up now, but he(ex) told me tonight they are not taking that loan(we)had off me it is for another one, he(ex) phoned the social quoting my name, address, childs neame, national insurance number, date of birth to find out information on my claim without my consent, bascially we split he was verbally, mentally and also phsical abusive he is a very good lier.sorry i'm not very good at explaining things.
under the data protection act it is an offence for him to do this.
i feel so sick he can phone up place,s like this finding anything out about me, he has saved letters with personal things on so when he goes throught sercuity he knows all the right answers.

risingstar Sat 01-Aug-09 08:35:59

right, so these are loans from the social? how do you apply for them? if you have to fill in a form and sign for them then ask them for copies of the original forms and you will see instantly whether it is your writing/signature on the forms. surely unless you had to apply in person ie actually go to the office to fill it in, then they should have checked signatures against other documents.
from what you have described, it sounds like he has used your info to fill in the forms. but if they were filled in in your name, does that not mean the money has gone into your account?

StewieGriffinsMom Sat 01-Aug-09 08:59:52

Message withdrawn

whomovedmychocolate Sat 01-Aug-09 09:06:16

Yes it is fraud and if you are the lady who wants to change the locks this is definite grounds (sorry I have so many threads I can't see whether you are).

I would suggest you go in on Monday and say you would like some help reporting identity fraud to the police regarding these loans. Don't ask for copies of the forms yet, let the police do that. It's better if they do the comparing and handling of evidence.

everythingistaken Sat 01-Aug-09 10:29:40

yes thankyou will do that, the date's just don't add up, so i will see where i stand monday, he is probly making his excuses as we speak he is a very good lier think's no one can touch him. i would be lieing if i said i wasnt scared of him but i can't let him do this.
i am saving for a move and will be changing my name so he cant track me down(least i don't think so)the money was joint claim so went into his account and he dealt with all the phoning and forms.their are many other things he has done when he was in my house(even tryin to kick me out even though the property is in my name)

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