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Frugaility changed your life?

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Buddy80 Fri 31-Jul-09 08:37:12

Dramatic title, but love to hear from all of us who are frugal. I adopted being frugal about 5-years ago, firstly just for fun and then when I saw how much I was saving, it just took off from there. Started as a set budget for housekeeping, baking own bread, thinking of a re-use for most things, looking at cheap or free days out. From there, it's really kind of expanded and the savings have been massive. I've kinda got lazy over the last few months, but still trying!

It is funny that your lifestyle does improve and you find yourself taking better care of yourself. As you have leftover cash, you are less likely to spend, as it's your savings! Also having more cash, you are in a position to pay for things up front, like car tax ? saving 10 odd quid a year. Another thing I noticed, which was shocking, is that I have been really careful with the electric usage (heat is by gas). I started turning things off at the plug socket when not in use, etc. As you may know, some appliances use a lot even when switched off. Anyway, I got my electric bill the other day and we had saved £150.00 last winter.

But, it?s not all about buying the cheapest. As a rule of thumb, I tend to buy cheaper where it is a disposable item, like value shaving foam, but will spend more on better quality meat.

Any others?

twolittlemonkeys Fri 31-Jul-09 08:51:18

I started being more frugal when I was pg with DS1 as we planned for me to be a SAHM so had to get used to living on one income. I make far more food from scratch now - it tastes so much better and is cheaper.

I also shop in lots of different shops to get the bargains. Yes, it's a faff but it saves a LOT of money. Fruit and veg is so much cheaper from greengrocer or the farmer's stall which is set up outside DS1's kindergarten. I'm also pleasantly surprised to see that nice meat from the butcher is no more expensive than supermarket meat, but much better quality. Also free range eggs from local farmer cheaper than horrible battery value ones from the supermarket. I still shop in Tesco and Asda but am selective with what I buy where. We always pay for insurance, tax etc upfront too. Also we have an economy 7 meter so I do as much of my washing as possible overnight (set the timer on washing machine for 2am or something...). I actually enjoy being frugal!

Buddy80 Fri 31-Jul-09 09:02:01

Big rewards. I also posted this message (as I was unsure) on the Good Housekeeping section, some of the reponses say its more from necessity. For me personally, yes, its been hard work, but its been a great learning curve for me. When I was working, I look back with shock on how much I used to waste on rubbish. I stepped into the library for the first time in ages about 5-years ago and they now do magazines and dvds! Small example of utilising what is out there. I do enjoy it. That said, I have bucked and got a dishwasher, first time ever, ahhh its wonderful.

meemarsgotabrandnewbump Fri 31-Jul-09 09:02:44

I think I've always been fairly frugal. It makes splashing out on occasional luxury so much more pleasurable grin.

Like you I priorite what's worth spending money on, so we don't scrimp on quality food, but I'm happy to buy clothes, books, cds and furniture secondhand. I also think its more enviromentally sound. Ebay and charity shops are my friends grin

That doesn't mean we buy tat, though. I really enjoy finding a bargain which to me is quality at a brilliant price.

And like you say, if you have a cushion of savings it makes things like paying for car tax, repairs or just special treats much more bearable.

Buddy80 Fri 31-Jul-09 09:16:49

Freecycle for us has been wonderful. We seem to be richer for being frugal than when I was working. Ah, another brilliant thing...slow cooker....

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