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Getting married with only 2 weeks notice

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giddykipper Wed 29-Jul-09 20:43:58

Posting this here too in case any legal eagles are reading.

We're going on holiday for the last 2 weeks in August and I had a romantic notion earlier about getting wed while we're away as all our close family will be together.

BUT, it's only just over 2 weeks away. Now I understand that we have to give 15 days clear notice in our own district. So lets say that we get an appointment to give notice on Friday, 15 clear days notice then takes us to Sunday 16 August. We leave to go on holiday on Friday 14 August.

So what happens at the end of the 15 days? Do I have to go my local registrar and collect the 'certificate of authority' that I present to the marriage registrar? Or will they post it to the marriage registrar? If I have to collect it in person then that's physically impossible and I'll have to knock the whole idea on the head. If they will post it then the idea might work.

I can ring the local registrar tomorrow to ask, but I have the idea in my head now and want to know the answer NOW.

LadyOfWaffle Wed 29-Jul-09 20:47:25

you dont collect anything but you have to have a day/time/venue already as far as I remember.

giddykipper Wed 29-Jul-09 20:49:47

Don't you? I thought they would give you something to prove that notice had been given. I might be alright then. Thanks.

Fruityjuice Wed 29-Jul-09 20:52:47

I had to collect the notice of authority for my wedding in Sept then post it to the marriage registrar.
Maybe they will post it for you but when I picked ours up, had to sign it.

Fruityjuice Wed 29-Jul-09 20:53:23

I had to sign in

giddykipper Wed 29-Jul-09 20:58:52

I think I need to ring them, don't I.

I hate it when I have a good idea that won't work.

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