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potential dispute with tour operator- any advice?

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saladodger Wed 29-Jul-09 20:00:59

I've posted this in the travel advice section too. Can anyone please advise?

Basically we booked a holiday over the phone with Ola Holidays (ABTA protected). They quoted extra to have a room with balcony and sea view and we paid in full over the phone. The invoice came through with no mention of the sea view or balcony. We contacted them again, after some delay the invoice was amended to say the view and balcony was requested. Contacted them again, asking that they confirm this was what we were getting (and had paid extra for) and not a mere request. Despite several emails they have not got back to us. We have called them on two occasions (waiting 30 mins+ on their premium charge phoneline) in order to be put through to surly individuals who will not acknowledge that it was ever anything but a request and if we have any complaint we need to email (which we've done but no-one gets back to us). I emailed the hotel directly who confirm that only a standard room (without balcony or sea view) has been booked.
Where do we stand with bookings made over the telephone? It seems that it's only our word against theirs that they charged us extra for something they haven't delivered. If they don't reply by tomorrow we will be paying a visit to their HQ.

Thanks for any advice.

wotzy Wed 29-Jul-09 21:25:46

I have posted an answer in the travel section. Also you might want to find more about them on here

Also they don't provide package holidays, but allow you to build your own holiday, which means they avoid the EU Travel Regs for providing 'holidays'. Ie your contract is with each of the suppliers and has nothing to do with them.

to quote from their T&C's
"As an agent we accept no responsibility for the acts or omissions of the principal or for the services provided by the principal"

How nice


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