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The AA.. Is there anything I can do?

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inscotland Thu 23-Jul-09 14:20:55

We're emigrating to Australia on Monday. We have AA cover which I have just tried to cancel but they won't let me!

We paid £193.00 on 3rd July for the year (I paid it because I was told that if I didn't our membership would lapse and I thought I'd be the 1 to breakdown between then and now!)

The car sold yesterday so I tried to cancel today but they won't let me saying I am 14 days over their cancellation period per the terms and conditions which funnily enough were only issued once 5 years ago when we first took out cover!

So we're £193 down. Have we lost that money or is thre anything we can do?

inscotland Thu 23-Jul-09 14:21:44

Sorry that should have said the AA only give 14 days to cancel membership at renewal date.

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