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cheap women's car insurance?

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cyphercat Wed 22-Jul-09 18:53:08

my husband has car insurance with elephant. I'm getting a car soon and we can't afford expensive car insurance so I think I will put his name and then myself in as a named driver and try to get no claims bonus points... Is there any other better way to do this? I'm learning to drive at the moment and hopefully will be able to get license by September. Any input will be appreciated.

cyphercat Wed 22-Jul-09 18:53:40

sorry that my grammer is HORRIBLE!! I am pregnant..

blushingm Thu 23-Jul-09 20:16:40

if you insurer your new car through elephant often they will give an introductory spouse bonus - so you could then start building your own ncb (eventually if you have a good driving record ladies are cheaper than men on car insurance) - i think a lot of insurers do this

or you could do admiral multi car. You put the new car on cover with them and then add your husbands existing car when his policy is due to renew. Both cars are then on 1 policy and both renew at the same time but you build ncb on both at the same time


ps i work for a certain large ins co .....sssshhhh

BikeRunSki Thu 23-Jul-09 20:24:05

If either of you works in the public sector, or have a close relation who does, try the Civil Service Motoring Association (CSMA). They are often FAR cheaper than anywhere else. When I changed from Direct Line to CSMA, Direct Line told me CSMA were the only insurers they wouldn't compete with. You pay to join CSMA - about £12 - and the insurance is through LV Frizzell. I swaved about £300.


SoWhat Fri 24-Jul-09 14:12:07

We have a multi car policy with Admiral and it has saved us an absolute fortune!

cyphercat Sat 25-Jul-09 21:28:58

thanks ladies
That's helped me lots!

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