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Legal advice on caravan damaged by neighbour

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BlueSmarties Tue 21-Jul-09 22:22:56

Apologies to anyone who read this post already under camping- just found this topic and thought it was more suitable place.

On the off chance hoping there is a caravan expert here who can help.

Friends caravan been damaged by neighbour's car reversing into it. Neighbour has admitted it and offered £50 - not close to covering cost of repair.

I used to work in insurance - big yawn - and reckon they can claim against neighbours motor policy as 'damage to thrid party property'. Sadly caravan not insured in its own right.

Before friend kicks up a fuss does any knowledgeable person agree with me? And if neighbour flatly refuses to give insurance details can she approach police? I'm guessing that's what would happen if say it was her car or garden wall that was damaged.


risingstar Tue 21-Jul-09 23:28:11

righty ho

yes, negligence which has been admitted, motor insurers will absolutely pay for the damage.

if neighbour is old fashioned enough not to want to give details, they need to go to For a small fee they will be provided with them.

fwiw, if they are neighbours they get on with, i would advise them to say that they are going to get a quote (specialist thing caravan repair) and then let them decide whether they are going to involve insurers or not.

they possibly just have no idea how much caravan repairs cost!


BlueSmarties Wed 22-Jul-09 08:32:37

very helpful thanks. off to kiddies beach party with said friend so will pass on advice. she is new to caravaning so thats why she's not sure of cost but easy to get quote as we live in seaside town surrounded by caravans!

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