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Unreasonable Contract/Holiday Pay

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Mummy369 Mon 20-Jul-09 20:33:18

Hi, My childminder told me she can't look after my daughter from september. I decided to end the contract earlier because she is away for 2 weeks in the Summer, and anyway my husband is home to look after the children. I gave her 6 weeks notice as per the contract, and now she says I have to pay her holiday pay because she is 'owed' it. She says she is entitled to 28 days holiday - my daughter only attends 3 days per week so in effect that would be 9 weeks paid holiday per year. I told the childminder surely she means 4 weeks? But she disagrees. Now, because the CM has only had 7 days so far, she says I have to pay her 21 days. My sums indicate that if I paid her this sum it would be the equivalent of 7 weeks pay and there's only 9 weeks left to the end of the contractual year! With only a week to go until the end of the notice period, I'm really worried about how to broach this with her. She is a very business-like person and can be very unreasonable at times. She sends text messages whilst I'm at work, repeating them 2-3 times until I reply; Also, she charges FULL PAY for all time off - both hers and ours, incl. sick leave and bank holidays. So I have actually paid in full for every week of the contract, and what she is asking for sounds like I have to pay her twice? Has anybody had a similar experience and have any advice for me, please?

lou031205 Mon 20-Jul-09 21:12:39

You might get more replies in the childminders/nannies topic smile

Mummy369 Mon 20-Jul-09 21:21:47

Thanks - I started the post there and someone suggested I try Legal and Employment as well...

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